Ah remember t'old times. Or the Two Sussex Men

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  • Alan said:
    cj66 said:
    Beresford really took off after the Caiman,  which was the last one I owned. But that was as good as my old Theta which I think you heard.

    Edit: Sorry, thought you were Dave!
    Nope. I never heard your old Theta.
  • You heard both my Theta DS Pro Basic 3, and DS Pro Progeny for a good few hours. We discussed David Sylvian and Mark Hollis. I've a feeling you even borrowed the Progeny for a month or two.

    You were still using a KingRex and it was the flat on Worthing seafront. You preferred your KingRex but USB DACs were very rare back then.

    You would have still had your Minstrels back then! And been all NVA. And your drobo... Plus a dismantled Michel in the hall.
  • Of course! I'd forgotten that. Now, that was a long time ago.

    I either don't have or am not using any of that gear anymore, although the KingRex was dusted off for a while a year or two ago. I gave the Michel to Colin a while back.

    How comes your memory is better than mine?
  • I am waking up from a long, long sleep. I've  stopped taking some medication that I've relied upon for years, it is risky and the withdrawal has been atrocious. However I am feeling more alive as a result.

    We will see if I can make it stick.

  • "Aarr", said old farmer Brown to older farmer Rosam, as he chewed a stem of long grass and gazed into the middle distance wistfully. 

    They had been meeting to lean on this gate for longer than either of them cared to remember, and it surely never used to sag! 

    Farmer Giles was creeping up on them again. Time to go!
  • Don't remind me of me Farmer Giles, Farmer Brown. That's why I'm propping up this gatepost.
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