A Rip of Claymore by Bensley.

This weekend I was asked to update a Claymore. Unfortunately this Claymore is a copy made by Bensley Electronics, and somehow they are using a rip of Claymore 2 circuit board.
If you are offered one of these beware it is not made by me.


  • Bloody hell!

    Who were (are?) Bensley Electronics?
  • Unknown. 
  • Nothing's sacred in this copy cat world!
    Have they at least been reasonably faithful to the original design?
    What grade of overhaul (if possible) would get it to genuine Claymore2 status....

    1 ) Not too bad, just a few component changes and some tweaking.
    2 ) Total rebuild
    3 ) No chance, it's a rancid pigs ear and cost prohibitive.
  • 1) a few tweaks with a big soldering iron 
  • Based on the photos, not just the board, but case, brand and name all copied...?
    A fake Claymore?

  • Well the beast is here with me and a few dead bits but I am going to fix it out of being inquisitive by nature.
  • As you work i’m Imagining a series of tuts, head shakes and “why did they do it like that?”s.
  • I was thinking of maybe stronger word like "poo" and "Suck a Elf" and the like and maybe the big bad word like T------- Q see I can be wicked with my tong. 
  • Well the Bensley Claymore is a live with a few mods and working well.
  • You just can't leave things alone, can you?
  • No and I pick scabs to he he
  • Just to add to the story,

    My wife Jenny and I was married just 2 weeks and were coming back from Honeymoon we had a great time in Lynmouth Devon. (it still hold a special place in my heart).
    On the way back she crashed the car on the M5 she was killed. Me I had burns and few broken bones.
    The few month after shitty event I was still in shock and to be honest I had no clue what the hell I was doing.And often drunk and I fell of a balcony into our garden in at Leigh On Sea, breaking me arm again.
    In that period I had designed lots of things according to my records.
    One was a new Claymore the artwork for the tracking was drawn by a sub contractor and I forgot all about it. It seems this contractor passed the PCB layout to Bensley, but the art work text was not changed.
    Near the reservoir capacitors in small writing on the silk screen it says " Design by C.J.Wonfor for Jenny" and the date is the date she died 20th May 1990. 

    So in a funny way these amps are special. Even if I never made them they are special because they memorialise Jenny.
  • “Special”.
    Well explained.
    Pleasing that you have one of these amps in your hands.
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