Wille and the Bandits

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Sitting in the bar at Gloucester Guildhall waiting for this lot.
My mate Steve’s choice. Hope they’re ok. :-/


  • Were they OK?
  • In parts.
    Brilliant musicians. Charismatic and good looking chaps.
    And some good electro blues broke through at times (eg a cover of voodoo chile).
    A bit too much rock, even metal at times, spoiled them a little for me, but I never wasn’t taking any enjoyment. (My mate Steve felt a bit betrayed I think. :-D . Complaining that “they don’t know what they are anymore”.)
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    Sounds like a good band! I read on another forum that Focus are doing the rounds in the UK at the mo and are on great form. Must admit to not having heard much of their recent stuff but a great band through the various line up changes.
    Any live music by decent musicians is good, even genres I don't listen to at home. It's that live vibe, can't beat it (unless you're the drummer..........da-dum--tish)  :D
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    Agreed CJ.
    And yes, they put on a good show.
    I did honestly want them to keep the blues turned up in the second half of the set tho. ;-)
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