Brilliant in Bilbao

Last night I got back from a couple of days in Bilbao.
My son and I visited to attend the European Rugby Challenge Cup Final, between Cardiff (where I was born and raised) and Gloucester (where I've lived for the past 17 years).
Given the cost of the whole trip was a lot of money for me, it was a big decision, but I decided to go for it.
I am very glad I did. As I remarked to my son as we drove back from Heathrow last night I can't actually think of a way I could have better spent all that money.
Cardiff sneaked it 31-30 with a penalty kick in the last minute. I don't think I've seen my son so happy about anything. Ever.
By good fortune there were 6 Cardiff blokes sitting immediately in front of us in the San Mames Stadium, so we found ourselves in good company. I took this photo of my son being embraced by the guys moments after the final whistle. Says it all really.
Great occasion. Great city too.


  • Bilbao (really, the Basque reason), is one of those places I really want to go. Not for the rugby, but because it's apparently the best region of Spain for food. Lead me to it!

    I'm glad you had a great time. 
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    We only ate in cafes and bars really. I must say, the counter food in those always looked gorgeous and was reasonably priced. We didn't go to any restaurants as such.
    This was fairly typical of the food that was in offer in the bars.

    Being vegetarian, I wasn't able to sample all of it as there is a lot of ham and fish in Basque cuisine apparently. 
    But, there was always some sort of omelette or cheesy thing for me to have. And my son was very impressed with the local approach to cooking chips everywhere that he had them!
    The lady in the photo is the Spanish girlfriend of an old college mate of mine who now lives in Pamplona. They kindly drove over to Bilbao on Saturday to join us for the day. Always useful to have local knowledge and translation services at hand!
  • Tapas/bar food is a big thing in Spain, and I'd expect it to be good in Bilbao. 

    I'd forgotten you were a veggie. I can imagine it's difficult when you're confronted with unfamiliar food in a foreign language. 

    Isn't Pamplona where people get gored by bulls annually?
  • Yes. It’s an animal-friendly kind of a region. :-/
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