Sun of Goldfinger

Today is wonderful one out on the fringes of jazz, avant rock, electronica and composed music, wherever that is ;-)

ECM has released David Torn, Tim Berne and Ches Smith's Sun of Goldfinger. And on first listening, it's fantastic! A worthy successor to Torn's Prezens from a decade or so ago.

Here's ECM's teaser on YT:

Lots of live stuff on YT, but you'll need one of the streaming services to hear the album. Or buy it, of course ;-)


  • They’re not taking any prisoners with that one!
  • edited March 2019
    Nope! But it's brilliant stuff. Torn and Berne have been working together for a couple of decades, perhaps, on and off in different contexts. And despite being well into their 60s, this stuff keeps getting both uglier and more refined (if I can use the word here!).

    It gives me hope!
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