Hi Chaps

I'm a retired knob twiddler,
have enjoyed music since I was 5 and hifi since about the age of 12 ( Philips reel to reel for 50p )
These days listening is sporadic, largely governed by my tinnitus, in spite of the ringing I can
still enjoy a few hours from time to time and hear the improvement that a good bit of kit can provide.
My main reason for heading to these pastures is the purchase at a local auction of an Inca Tech ID25,
 It works a treat but I'd like to replace the on board electrolytics so it can outlive me.



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    Hi. Welcome to the forum.
    Anticrap (Colin) would be best placed to advise when he sees this thread.

    Also another member "Quickie" renovated one of these a while back and did a great job, so may also have thoughts. Maybe PM him?
    See here: http://www.audiochews.com/discussion/302/inca-design-id-25/p1

    All the best.
  • Hi Jules

    Welcome to Chews.

    I think Ben has said all there is to say about your Inca Tech.

  • Hi Jules

    Yes Ben it be me, MSG me here Jules.

    I had by a new PC with,spit, cough, choke, WIndum X on it as my XP would not talk to the server, horrid stuff Windum X.

    But at least my CAD package still work phew.

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