Talk electronics

Hi all. 
I have just brought a talk electronics pre and power amplifier combo it's a hurricane and tornado 2. 
And we'll I am finding them fantastic. 
Has anyone else had any experience with them?


  • Very little experience of them but was all positive except that I personally didn't like the original casework, mainly the front panel area.

    The pedigree is good as well, with Exposure roots.
    I'm a bit mysty on this so don't quote me buuuuut I think it was originally a Tony Brady and Kevin Edwards company, born from their partnership on Cable Talk. Tony moved on to Cymbol and then the rebirth of Exposure. Kevin still has Talk and Edwards Audio.

    If someone knows better, feel free to correct the above.
  • Hi Thanks for the reply. 
    I would love to find anoth tornado 2 so I can bi amp. 
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