Are you on BT Broadband?

Are you on BT Broadband?
If you are beware the mobile BT sign on crap. Allows bastards to steal your ID this week alone 5 Facecrap Friends have had there ID's stolen. If you get a un-familiar style of text and shit spelling from a "FRIEND" send back a message that they can only answer,
I.E. What is you Dogs name?
What is there cat's name?
 what colour is my car? make sure one is a bogus question that would not have a answer on Facecrap.
If it bogus,
1) change from BT.
2) Change Password.
3) use a new FC page with a new e-mail.
4) catch the bastards and kill them.


  • 4b) Then kill them again, stamp on them, pour gasoline, ignite, set ash into clay pigeons, shoot with 12 gauge, grind remains again, reset in concrete, drop to the bottom of the ocean.
    ...... or just change provider B)
  • I did 10yrs ago.
  • I hate BT.

    I even rent my phone line from my ISP so I don't have to deal with the buggers when things go wrong!
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