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Not really sure where to put this thread as there doesn't seem to be a general systems section ... but my system now is entirely focussed around my speakers - they are 1 item that will NOT be swapped, so I guess it makes sense to put the thread in the speaker section!

A recent pic of my system ...


... featuring the rather fine MBL 116F loudspeakers from Chermany.  These are here for the long term, but everything else is subject to change!

Some recent arrivals ...


A pair of Behringer A500 power amps in the background.  I really rate these amps and would happily put them up against amps costing 10x (or more) their £200 rrp.  Even better when bi-amped, but best to avoid the temptation of bridging them - more power but the sound quality definitely takes a bt of a dive.  Ideal though in stereo mode into bi-wirable speakers like the MBLs.  Powerful, fast, detailed, dynamic, focussed and rhythmic - what's not to like?

And further along the rack, a Tube Technology Fusion HB 70i integrated amp.  Valve pre-section and ss mosfet power stage - 70wpc - more than enough for my speakers.  This arrived yesterday, and is in marked contrast to the presentation of the Behringer amps.  Huge soundstage, although lacking the precise focus of the Behringer. Buxom bass - really quite juicy - deep and taut with a nice powerful thrummy sort of sound.  Very tasty!  I think I am going to enjoy my time with this amp!



  • Umm .. the pics don't seem to work!  Ah well, I'm sure someone will be along soon to point out the error of my ways!
  • JimJim
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    I've looked at the Behringer amps Jerry, they do look tasty.  I'd love to hear them.  They was a Behringer amp at the Halloween show in the amp room but I didn't manage to hear it.  Any idea what the less powerful and cheaper ones sound like?

    Re the pictures:  If you paste the section without the[/IMG] either end they work fine.
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    The Behringers are such a great idea, especially Bi-Amped - I am a big fan of Bi-Amping myself.



    I copied the 'direct link' on photobucket into the 'insert image' button (top right on text bar), deleting the extra http/ first.

    Very cool looking, Dalek-like speakers. I would hope the sound sensational.
  • Hi Jerry

    I'll set you up a Systems section. No problem about that.
  • Done, sir!  :)
  • Urk, nope.  I still can't figure out how to post those photos!  Can someone tell me explicitly, with an example, how to do it please.

    I'm a bit thick when it comes to this sort of thing, I'm afraid!

  • Let me try first


    OK that works.

    So what you do is to copy the URL, click on the third icon from the right (the one that looks like an old-fashioned screen or perhaps a Polaroid photo) and paste the URL into the little window that appears. Make sure you don't end up with two http://s at the start, though.

    Then click Submit, and you're done.


  • Yay - thanks for that. Sorted.  See 1st post now for both pics.
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    "Very cool looking, Dalek-like speakers. I would hope they sound sensational."

    Yes, they are unbelievably amazing, I am happy to say! 

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