Shuffle mode

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I spent last week helping a friend with some home renovations of his house in Brittany. The entire time we were working he had his file based music collection on “shuffle”. He’s into 60s, 70s and 80s stuff. Fairly mainstream. Perfectly decent.
I quite liked the endless variety, chopping and changing. No opportunity for the ADHD side of my personality to get bored.
Personally I never really use shuffle when listening. I always carefully choose what to put on. As a result I probably spend 80% of my time listening to the same 20% of my collection.
So back home today I’ve decided to go all shuffle!
General responses are ones of surprise and guilt. I can honestly say that half of what I’m hearing is totally unknown to me. :-D But also relief. The hitherto less exposed parts of my collection are (mostly) not terrible.


  • I tend to only shuffle Tidal, Spotify or YR Music streams. Maybe I should try it at home :-) 
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