...and so it begins...

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Yesterday I bought my 4 year old son his first 'hifi', pictured below. (Dad's big grown up one in the backgroud.)


£29.99 in Sainsbury's. Well, we all had to start somewhere.

He's not listening to music as such yet, but he's into his audio books at bed time to help lift him off to sleep. As I ritually opened the box in front of him, and presented one of the 'speakers (as if a priceless heirloom) for him to inspect, he didn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation. Or notice the tear of emotion in my eye ;) .
Athough later
at bedtime he enjoy being able to use the remote to turn on his Dr. Seuss from his bed.

Later, as he slept I got the terrible feeling that I had passed on to my son some terrible curse. A curse that will cost him much time, money and grief. Then again, if he sticks with 'The Cat in the Hat', he should be OK...


  • That's not a hi-fi. It's Pandora's Box  :)
  • Every time I hear the words 'Pandora's box' I think of Notting hill and chuckle
  • You need to teach him about proper equipment support for a start...
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    I just noticed this thread - a bit late I admit.

    Both my daughters (7 and 11) have similar starter systems that produce some semblance of music.
    Together thay cost about 1/150 of my main Naim based kit. But they are far better sounding than my first stereo - an ugly and big National stereo, cassette and record player bought when I was about 14.

    Best wishes,
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