Alabama 3

Any thoughts?


  • They're cool. I like the blind boys of Alabama even more. I have still more thoughts, but not on this subject...
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    @tenpastmidnight, who occasionally pops in here is an Alabama 3 fan, I think.
  • I ended up at one of their gigs last night, and didn't know what to expect as I arrived.

    As it turned out, they were very entertaining!


  • Funnily enough, I (well, I say I, what I really mean is my other half) was repairing the buttons on my winter coat a few days back and realised they must have been bent when trampled on by some of the Alabama 3 at their gig in Brighton a couple of years ago. Fortunately it was on the floor rather than on me when the trampling happened.

    I like them a lot, having had a friend introduce me to their first album.Whilst I'm not always a fan of their changes when they release a new album, generally they grow on me after a few listens. 

    Live they are fantastic. Different interpretations of their own stuff, re-working their songs in to different styles, they're really happy to experiment.
  • An interesting anecdote from last night's gig...

    Half way through a song towards the end of the gig, the PA went off and the house lights came on. Bouncers rushed their way through the crowd to where a good ol' fashioned country brawl was taking place. Turned out that the main protagonist was the brother of the Alabama 3's lead singer. The singer quickly noticed this and began pleading with the bouncers to let his brother stay. They refused and carted out the bloke.

    The violence episode added real authenticity to the evening! (Pleasingly, noone appeared to be seriously hurt.)


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