Good weather for listening to music...

It's been fantastic blue skies for a couple of days this week. And the 35 minute drives to and from work have been a real musical treat.
Anything of decent tempo in a major key seemed to sound twice as good as it would on a grey day. Flutes and female vocals seemed to benefit most from the sunshine. The genre didn't matter too much, though tunes from sunny places (Africa, brazil, Jamaica) did most enjoy the clement weather.
If I put anything slow or sad on I felt like it was an intolerable waste of the occasion.
Does anyone else have a summer play list approach to seasonal listening?


  • I know what you mean.

    African music is often my choice on sunny mornings, and dub reggae for tropical evenings.
  • I like the further sub-setting into different times of a sunny day!
  • Of course ;-)
  • My music sounds the same no matter what the weather as my system is inside !     :))
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    I've never thought of any association between weather and what sort of music I listen to...

    Having said that, when the weather's fine, I do sometimes take the Stezza outside and set it up in a field.  The sound is quite fabulous with all that grass, and the lack of reflective walls.


    of course the whole thing is fun with a projector, the very nice iTunes visualiser, and a few decent bottles of whateveryoufancy.
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    That is very cool indeed!
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    That's the right of a pair of old MA-R652 speakers, the left being in the shadow to the left of the house.  I can't tell you just how good this simple setup sounds outside.  A bunch of mates, take the sofas outside, no neighbours for 1/2 mile so volume is decent.

    EDIT:  I'm sure it sounds better at night as well, I think the air is stiller, thicker, and the ambience quieter as all those bloody lambs have shut up ;-0
  • That's cool, Andy.

    We're all coming over during the summer :-)
  • Don't see why not really.  There's loads of space ... provided you don't mind camping :-) ... and the drive up to N. Wales.
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    My last tent was stolen at Glastonbury during the 80s. I am not an accomplished camper, oh no  :O

    But you never know. Maybe I'll buy that camper van I keep threatening to get.
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