Undiscovered paypal balance leads to the undiscovered country...

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....either in the philosophical sense if I get rumbled or in terms of new kit if I don't.

Employing the universal constant of man-maths, I have decided to rebuild my office system for several important reasons. Using a hitherto forgotten paypal balance I can do this largely for 'free', therefore my hobby is costing me 'nothing'. Geddit? Good....I am glad we understand each other.

Reasons for upgrading:
  • My current combined DAC/Amp is excellent in terms of convenience & vfm, but I'd like a little improvement if it is in reach.
  • My main system is so well sorted at the moment I don't want to touch anything else on it.
  • Because it'd be silly not to. And I am slightly bored at being so content and want to play at HiFi again!
I have to keep my little speakers - they are JPW Sonatas. These are very similar to mine, save mine have a textured cardboard surface on the driver. I think they are little gems tbh, I toyed with the idea of getting some baby active monitors but none were about when I looked. The JPWs stay.image

Now for an amp. It needed to be low maintainance, run cool, be forgettable once it's switched on...sounds like a T-amp then, and I've had a couple now. I quite like them, but not outstandingly so, but then @Breitling advertised a little NVA AP20 for a song (or at least, he accepted a cheeky song) so bang went my plan to try something new! I am still pleased though - whatever differences there may be between Mr NVA and me, he does make peerless amplifiers imo. I should get it next week.

My laptop will be the source - usually with spotify, or sometimes I play my main music library on my back-up hard-disc through foobar. This means I'd ideally like to handle higher sample rates - but that wouldn't need to be a deal breaker - though I do want a USB input. I've used several 'budget' DACs recently that are very good, but don't really excel through USB, so I started googling.

Amongst others I came up with a second hand HRT Music Steamer II, which has received rave reviews so it should be reasonable at least. I saw Alan Sircom reviewed & liked it, and when he was posting on HiFi forums he seemed pretty straight and honest. He loved Royd speakers too, so he has style.... Anyway, if I don't like it I can move it on, as it is second hand from state side for about £80.
imageIt also is Asynchronous USB as well - not bad for £140 new!
imageSo my only real connundrum left is speaker cable - I'll need 1m on one side & 2m on t'other minimum. Obviously NVA LS1 would be ideal, but I don't want to upset anyone at NVA anymore than they already are by getting in touch again, so I'm open to alternative suggestions. It has to be low capacitance - NAC A5 will be fine, I was also toying with the idea of 'tellurium q blue', but that's not so cheap for a 2m set (about £80). What do you reckon chaps?


  • Alan,
    To reassure you, I've worked through a few equations on the old chalk board, and your man-maths stands up pretty well. Good work.
  • image
    I thank you, my esteemed colleague.

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