Video: David S Ware Quartet

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  • just a bit too 'free' for my taste,  to me thats just pure self indulgence that has strayed too far from the harmonic structures that my brain recognises as music and is more like a sonic version of one of those paintings that is nothing more than lots of paint thrown at a bit of canvas, of course  some people like that paint thrown at a bit of canvas ! sound for sounds sake perhaps?
    always leaves me wondering what it is that someone can extract musically from such work ,
    each to their own and all that.

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    As you say, Matt, each to his own.

    My view is almost 180deg opposed to yours.

    David S Ware is one of the out players who builds his work on a deep knowledge of the conventional stuff - musical theory and technique. He studied with Sonny Rollins and at Berklee.

    I think that informs a structure to his music that's lacking in the work of others who are active in a similar area.

    I don't say Ware's work is easy listening. It isn't. But if you like late Coltrane, Ware is the man who has picked up where (ouch!) he left off and developed the direction, not Pharoah Sanders or Archie Shepp.

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    Very modal in parts, thought that was pretty amazing tbh, he's on another level for sure. Just found out that Ware also plays Aquarian sound with Susie Ibarra who's married to the musician (Assif Tsahar) who runs Hopscotch Records in the other thread.

    Documentary out buy
    Amine Kouider
    about him too...

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    Yup. Susie Ibarra and Assif Tsahar are married and there's a duo record on Hopscotch.

    The DSW documentary can be seen in its entirety somewhere on the 'net. Try some Googling.

    Edit: I think it's this on the David Lynch Foundation web site.
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    Hi Ugly got the three disc "Live in the World Album" the other day it's really great. Got another disc coming too "Planetary Unknown" It's David S. Ware, Cooper-Moore (Digital Primitives) William Parker and drummer Muhammad Ali, on the few short listens i've had via the internet, it sounds really fantastic.

    Cooper Moore, Digital Primitives, he starts to sing at 5 minutes in, it gets me every time! An incredible musician, teacher and instrument maker, id love to do a documentary about him.

  • Welcome to the land of Ugly Music, Muz! :-)

    Live in the World was what finally broke David S Ware for me. He suddenly made sense. Planetary Unknown is great, too. I've had it for some months now.

    Cooper-Moore is a character, a really unique voice. Have you heard the Darius Jones Trio's Man'ish Boy? As you like Digital Primitives, it's probably a good place to go.

    There's also Cooper-Moore's Cedar Box Recordings, originally released as EPs in a Cedar Box, and then on a single CD. Both now OOP, unfortunately. He's also recorded on piano with William Parker's In Order To Survive band.

    Thanks for those videos.
  • No Ive never heard of the Cedar box recordings, Or Darius Jones Trio's Man'ish Boy!

    Will do some searching on the internet! cheers.

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    I think the Cedar Box recordings have only ever been issued in two limited editions. The original is very scarce AFAIK, and AUM Fidelity have sold out of their CD run - I think my copy was the last, no 500, in fact!
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    I'll have a hunt around the web, just read the review sounds great. Really looking forward to Planetary Unknown arriving now.
    Just ordered Triptych Myth: The Beautiful as well :)
  • There's a lot of great stuff on AUM Fidelity, and the recordings are pretty nice, too.
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