Shouldn't have, but I don't care...

A discussion to share rose tinted, hazy memories of last night's listening session, which ended much too late and now you're too tired to concentrate at work (but you don't care because it was sooo worth it....) - you get the idea.


  • Last record was Chris Stills, 100 year thing. He is the son of Steven Stills (of CSN&Y fame), a great bluesey, guitar led and wonderfully produced album.

    Finished at 1:25AM, which is relatively tame compared to some nights I guess.

    Relevant details: everyone else was asleep before 10PM, I cooked a plate of chips at midnight and I drank Whiskey.

    Work today? Ah well, it was still worth it...
  • Did someone mention chips and whiskey?  Where do I sign up :-h ?

    Your description of that Chris Stills piece puts me in mind of an album I listened to today Alan.  Eric Bib on an Opus 3 recording (CD).  Highly recommended!
  • You mention a unit of measurement for the chip ("a plate"), but you are suspiciously vague about the volume of whiskey consumed...
  • ...a "bottle"?
  • No, dunking doesn't use up a whole bottle!

    PAC, I have had that Opus 3 recommended to me before, I must have a look. I have 'needed time' and 'spirit & the blues' here, which I do love.
  • Well, I should have gone to bed a while back, but I suppose there's just time for the first movement from Rachmaninov's piano concerto no 2. And another glass. Perhaps some dry roasted peanuts?
  • Got to be honey roasted.
  • Maybe honey roasted for all those Weiss 202 owners out there, but dry roast is the best us Young DAC peasants can manage. We know our place...
  • I'm supposed to be eating healthily at the moment (sits here gorging on a packet of refresher sweets and drumstick lollies).  Obviously when my Trainer asks me how my diet has been I will confess to not completely drying the lettuce leaves before I ate them....but nothing more  :D
  • Just finished an unhealthy evening myself and managed to blow most New Year's resolutions out the window!  Invited a friend around for a meal, and treated my wife and friend to some very un-masterchef cookery consisting of a roasted brace of pheasants I shot a few weeks back, a nice bottle of Tempranillo and my wife in honour of my 45th birthday presented me with a bottle of bubbly.  Wellllll, my friend wasn't drinking as he was driving, the wife wasn't drinking more than a glass of bubbly, and between them, they kept topping up my glass (hic).  I ate far too much, drank far too much and forgot I'd given up smoking.  It's either my stately middle age suddenly being thrust upon me or the amount of alcohol involved but either way, not looking forward to being up at 5am for a dawn photoshoot at Woodchester park lakes first light (amongst other things, I'm a landscape photographer).
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