DJ Cake Mix - Audio Chews
DJ Cake Mix
  • uglymusicuglymusic
    I got the moon. I got the cheese. I've got the whole damn nation on its knees
    Main: White MacBook/SSD/OS X Lion/Audirvana Plus -> M2Tech Young/Super TeddyReg PSU -> TQ Listen Pre-amp -> Green Goddess Single Ended Class A 12 wpc Power Amp -> Royd RR3 speakers/Royd stands. Interconnects and speaker cables by TQ
    Office: iMac/Spotify ->KingRex USB DAC and PSU -> Fiio Headphone amp -> Crap headphones (£0.99 from Wilkinsons)
    OTT Home office system: Mac mini/iTunes -> C14 DAC with knob -> NVA TDS monoblock power amps -> Mission 761 speakers/desk
  • DocfosterDocfoster
    Phat beats from that stodgy vinyl sound.
    NVA P90SA pre-, IncaTech Designs ID25 Class A power-, RFC-modded Goodmans Goodwoods, Pioneer PL71 (Decca SG), IncaTech Claymore (as phono stage!), NVA TFS media PC, InFocus X9 720p DLP projector.
    Power Inspired AG1500 mains regenerator.
    Mainly NVA cables, but with TQ Ultra Black speaker cables.

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