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DJ Cake Mix

edited April 2012 in Analogue
Put your head on my shoulder. Don’t say a word. We’ll cut across town in my Thunderbird 
Main: 2009 Mac mini/OS X Mountain Lion/Audirvana Plus 2 -> M2Tech Young/Super TeddyReg PSU -> TQ Listen Pre-amp -> Green Goddess Single Ended Class A 12 wpc Power Amp -> Royd RR3 speakers/Royd stands. Interconnects and speaker cables by TQ 
Office: iMac/Audirvana Plus 2 -> C14 DAC with volume control -> Bi-amped TQ Atom Power Amps -> Mission 761 speakers/desk. Interconnects and speaker cables from the plastic sack in the loft
Media: Hi-Fis and TVs all fed by Synology DS411slim NAS


  • Phat beats from that stodgy vinyl sound.
    NVA TFS media PC > TOCA SECA 20W > RFC-modded Goodmans Goodwoods
    Sovereign MTBPS balanced power supply
    NVA SSP interconnects and TQ Ultra Black speaker cables.
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