We've switched from Amazon to Google Ads - Audio Chews
We've switched from Amazon to Google Ads
  • uglymusicuglymusic
    The Amazon Ads proved pretty ineffective, so we now have some Google Ads here instead.

    You can find out more on my blog, if you're interested.
    I got the moon. I got the cheese. I've got the whole damn nation on its knees
    Main: White MacBook/SSD/OS X Lion/Audirvana Plus -> M2Tech Young/Super TeddyReg PSU -> TQ Listen Pre-amp -> Green Goddess Single Ended Class A 12 wpc Power Amp -> Royd RR3 speakers/Royd stands. Interconnects and speaker cables by TQ
    Office: iMac/Spotify ->KingRex USB DAC and PSU -> Fiio Headphone amp -> Crap headphones (£0.99 from Wilkinsons)
    OTT Home office system: Mac mini/iTunes -> C14 DAC with knob -> NVA TDS monoblock power amps -> Mission 761 speakers/desk

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