Dance puns



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    It'd be too Slop py to think about :#
  • Oh Stroll on, let's get this thing back on track ;)
  • I just saw The Hitch Hiker trying to get away from these awful puns :o
  • Yup, did the Thumbs Up to catch a ride :s
  • It's cheaper than having to Pony up for a taxi ;)
  • I wouldn't pay to go in that old wreck, you could buy it for a Monkey. :p
  • OK. I'm still here. Everything's in Limbo
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    I thought we were trying to raise the Bar, not lower it!!!! ;)
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    Only if it's at Peyton Place After Midnight :p
  • Someone's going to have a Hangover....
  • So you wouldn't want me to be doing the Surfer Stomp? :)
  • Naaaaa, solid ground for me on the Beach. :(
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