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  • Hi Dave and co
    Just to say I have popped over to the dark side again to see what all this SECA malarky is about. Managed to steal Ben’s ID25 from him with a view to upgrading it with Colin’s new boards. Still have my Royd RR1’s and NVA kit so interested to compare the SECA driving the Royds. That’ s the plan anyway. 

  • Thanks Mervyn.
    Had mixed feelings about selling the ID25, but hopefully the One4 SECA, TOCA SECA and Claymore will be enough for me!
    Certainly I haven't looked back since finding Colin's SECAs.
    I will follow your upgrading with interest.
  • Hi Mervyn.
    Good to see you again.
    The SECA and Royds go together like a dream, as Colin will tell you.
  • My RR3s loved a 12W SECA, then a pair of 27W. Really outstanding stuff!

    Nice to see see you again, Mervyn. Glad the NVA is still doing its magic too.
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