Phono TT (the things that play proper music) to USB

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Has anybody tried this combination of Analogue and digital lies. 
It is has if the BIT BYTE boy have at long last concluded that there "0" & "1" do not make good music. 
And have gone back to the old and proven black disc.
It's like car owner are now going back to a bike having now conclude car and driving is bad for them and other, at last the BIT BYTE boys are seeing some sense so let go all analogue chaps and use the "0" & "1" in there normal and sensible habitat , light switches.

>:)     =))


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    It's a good way of archiving your vinyl Col, but for decent fidelity, the O's and 1's need a decent signal, so use of a good cartridge is a must.  There are USB TT's with in-built converters and these are fine for general archiving (as long as you don't use the cheap and cheerful plastic "disposable" ones and use something like the Project essential USB which is of a decent standard).  Using a converter from a decent deck is the best way.  I can't really see the point though unless the performance isn't available digitally;  more to the point, most digital re-masters of some original classical arrangements seem to lose something of the original mastering quality. I've yet to hear many new digital releases of an older classical arrangements that do them justice which is partly why I retain vinyl.  Pops and all.  The other reason is that every time Doc pops round, I can annoy him by wheeling out my dusty, crackly old LPs :D
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