PL-71 turntable speed control deterioration

Over the past couple of years, the speed control circuits on my Pioneer PL-71 direct drive turntable have deteriorated.
This deterioration is manifest in:
1. Some speed instability for a while on start-up.
2. Needing to turn the 33rpm controller up to maximum to achieve a fast enough (normal) speed.

I don't use the TT much in the 2nd system, so it's not a massive issue, but I'd like to sort it while I've got a bit of time over the summer.

I've read on other forums that speed issues with the PL-71  may be due to oxidising of the speed-control micro-switches in the circuit, or possibly the capacitors in the speed control circuits deteriorating over time.

I'm willing to give repair a go, but don't want to mend things that don't need mending.

Any thoughts from the boffins here as to which is the most likely fault, and where I should start my initial pokings about....?


  • As you're aware it's no spring chicken. I would definitely start with cleaning the switches/pots and a visual check for suspect looking electrolytic capacitors in the psu and motor boards.
    If not cured start recapping from the psu and onto the motor board. Nothing flash needed, just replace with new equivalents.
  • Thanks CJ. I'll probably start in a month or so. Take the base off and have a look-see.
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