M50 Review from James

I feel I’ve had this amp long enough to do a short review. First of all I have to to give a huge thank you to Colin for being patient with my numerous emails and for being an absolute gent.

Colin kept me up to date with the progress of the build and the amp was packaged very well indeed.

The amp is impeccably finished and looks very nice. Nothing fancy, nothing bling, just a plain black case with the EWA logo, amp model and a power button on the front. All the connections on the rear look to be of very good quality.

I first had the M50 running through the P90sa with SSC straight from the back of th tv. Music was played from the Spotify app on the PS4. Straight away I knew this amp was special, it sounded stunning. All I wanted to do was listen to music, feet tapping and singing along. Brilliant. 

I’ve always suffered with not getting huge volume from my NVA systems in the past but it was more apparent with the M50. Even with the P90 at full volume I wasn’t getting anywhere near the kind of volume that I should have been. A quick email to Colin and it was suggested that the output voltage of my tv was too low to allow me to get full power from the M50. Colin could have just suggested that I buy one of his preamps but instead he very kindly offered to build me a mini preamp. I can’t thank Colin enough for his generosity. 

The mini pre arrived and is visually very much like the NVA P20. Music on... okay now this is what the M50 is all about... wow! Now this is loud, the kind of loud that has the sofa rumbling on deep bass notes. There isn’t even the slightest hint of the amp being stressed, it’s an absolute beast. Soundstage is huge in every way, vocals are unnervingly real and bass is just something else. It’s a very visceral experience but this amp also does emotion and presents music in a way that is captivating and touching. I love it. I won’t go into describing how sparkly the highs are or how lucid the midrange is because I don’t need to. I will just say that this amp is a music maker. Simple as that. 

This amp is very special indeed and I feel very fortunate to own it. Colin is an absolute gentleman and I can’t thank him enough for his kindness and patience


  • Another satisfied customer, Col!
  • I do hope so, I loved this amp when I had it running on Royds, just amazing, I have now made one for ME, MINE, HANDS OFF.
    But I am also making it big bruv now 2 off M100 Pro, Dave before they go abroad you must try them.
  • Sorry not M100 Pro but M100 Turbo 160W/8R, 320W/4R, 640W/2R each channel.
  • A new song based on "Smoke on the water" , "Smoke from your speakers" by "Red Royds".
  • Very tempting, Col ;-)
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