Advice needed.

Hi all,
Just wanted to ask for your advice regarding purchasing new/second hand loudspeakers.
What would you recommend? I have had Rogers ls3/5a which I liked very much for it's musicality and warmth but it lacked the deeper bass. Price range I'm looking for is 900 euro per pair.
Looking forward to your replies/advice.
Regards from Gouda (cheese city) Holland,


  • ...and size?

    Or don't they have to be small?
  • Good question. :-) 
    In fact, I prefer the compact loudspeakers but floorstanders are also welcome. 
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    You may find it tough to find speakers you can listen to first, within budget, that will tick the Rogers boxes and add deeper base.
    One that might get close is the Jamo Concert 8 aka DM830. Given a little space are great performers and well under budget second hand.

    Knowing your musical tastes and the rest of the system would help, along with room size.
  • Flipping auto correct! Bass!!!!
  • Hi cj66,
    Thanks for commenting and your advice. 
    To be honest I have never heard about the Jamo concert 8. I didn't know they make quality speakers, only consumer class (I know, I am biased). 
    My listening room: it is 5x6x2,3 meters (width x length x height).
    My musical preferences vary from jazz, soul/funk to rock and light classical music.
  • With your taste in music, can I recommend a pair of Royd RR3s if you can find them? :-)

    Ah lurve mine! 

    But they aren't as conventionally accurate as the LS3/5as, which I hate. So maybe the Royds are completely wrong as a recommendation :-)

    Incidentally, have those Impulse H6s, mentioned here a few weeks back, gone? They'd also be a long way away from the LS3/5as, but they'd be so much fun with your choice of music.
  • Thanks for your comment and advice.
    Talking about Royd: I can purchase a pair of Royd Minstrels Special Edition. Asking price is 450 euro.
    What are you thoughts?
  • Great speakers (I had a pair before the RR3s, and much prefer the RR3s), but the price is way steep. Have a look on eBay for the going price.
  • Ah, okay.  am going to take a look. Thanks for the advice. 
  • Just one thing, they are even further away from the LS3/5as we talked about originally than the RR3s. They'll either make sense to you or they won't; I think they're about the musical experience rather than accuracy.
  • Okay, thanks.
  • Another that springs to mind is the Ruark Crusader ( mki , mkii, less so the mkiii),  it's a really well balanced performer and close to neutral. It's only vice is being a bit flat at the lowest listening levels.
  • Wow, where can I obtain a set of these beauties. Haven't ever seen any of these in Holland.
  • You’re in Holland?
    I was going to suggest you could try my spare revamped Goodmans Goodwoods, which are feeling very neglected sitting in the corner of the shed/summerhouse. But unless you’re passing by Gloucester in the UK, that’s going to be tricky.
    They already sound pretty good, and I’m planning to put in some new mid-range drivers next week. But I just don’t have a third system to use them in atm. Feeling sorry for them.
  • Yes, unfortunately, I do.
    Thanks for offering, I appreciate it.
  • Guys,
    Yesterday, I purchased a set of Sonus Faber Concertino Domus loudspeakers including stands and hooked them up with Col's Magnum MP 250 and the Etude power amp. After warming up, I noticed the SF's produced such a sweet sound, especially mids and highs are wonderful. Bass is not the deepest but what can one expect from these tiny Italian beauties? The total picture is balanced and musical.
    Later this week, I am going to compare them with a set of Rogers ls3/5a's of the older series.
    I am also curious about the Ophidian Minimo loudspeakers. Is anyone familiar with these?
  • I’m not.
    But they do look cute!
  • They sure do. Unfortunately there is no dealer in Holland were I can listen to them, so I am hoping anyone here is familiar with them.
  • I don't know those Sonus Fabers, but they're almost certainly closer to the Rogers than anything else we've suggested.
  • Going to make a direct comparison when the Rogers have arrived.
  • Let us know what you think. 
  • Sure, I'll let you know.
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